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St. Charles Mo Locksmith Company Uses Video Marketing For Advertising

After recently speaking with  a Locksmith in St Charles mo Company on ideas they used for marketing they said that video marketing had blown their business up completely.

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They claimed that all of the old ways of marketing that they used such as newspapers and post card marketing strategies that they used for their locksmith business didn’t have as nearly as much of a response as creating video and visuals for customers. Creating reviews of their company through video has completely blown sales and leads through the roof. If they put it in their own words its like every customer that calls need a locksmith right away and based off of their reputation customers choose to go with their service and their service only. Whether its a residential job such as a garage door repair or its an emergency lockout the levels that video marketing has taken their business is unbelievable. The owner of the company is now getting more involved into video marketing forums and social media accounts to help expand the opportunity of creating more revenue for the company with as little overhead as possible. The company is now able to hire more certified locksmith technicians and also focusing primarily on becoming a mobilized service.